A message from Dr. Sakanashi


I studied under Dr.Warren Hamula (contributing editor of the Journal of ClinicalOrthodontics)in Colorado Springs,
at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. You could see Pike's Peak from our main office. The Academy office (Satellite 1) was opposite the AirForce Academy on Route 25, while Satellite 2 was way up in the mountains in Readville.
Once or twice a month five of us would gather at the main office at 4am, load the equipment in the Jeep, and set off on the road with me behind the wheel. After half an hour or so we would stop for coffee and doughnuts at the Doughnut Mill, and continue on over Hooger Pass and Rabbit Ear Pass shouting “National Doughnut Day” to whoever might be listening. Whenever we drove through any small towns Warren would remind us to slow down to avoid being canght by thc speed traps.
Three and a half hours later we would arrive at the hospital. No sooner had we finished unpacking and setting up our stuff than the “early bird” patients would begin trickling in. The morning would fly by without a break, and we would have just about enough time to down a coffee and a few peanut butter crackers before the afternoon session began. We would pack up at two-thirty and head back to the main office.
Suffice it to say Readville wasn't my favorite place in those days. However in winter, Warren, his wife Marsha and I would finish early on Fridays and head off to their cabin in Steamboat Springs. We'd ski, have Mexican food with Margaritas and toast marshmallows.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
My experiences in the U. S, both academic and otherwise, have informed my work and life to this day. At Aspen we strive to provide the best treatment at a reasonable cost (as close in line as possible to U.S rates), with various payment schemes for your convenience. Our techniques and treatment notes including X-rays, photos and models allow smooth transferral for patients in the middle of treatment who have moved to Japan from abroad
and vice versa.

We look forward to putting a smile on your face!