Orthodontic Treatment Fees.

Orthodontic Treatment Fees (all prices are tax inciusive).

Guidance Fee: 2,000 yen

We will assess the alignment af your teeth and your"bite", and give you genera1 information about teeth straightening procedures.

Consultation Fee: 36,000 yen (tax inclusive, including all subsequent check-up fees)

We will take 3 X-rays and 5 photos of your face and mouth, and a dental impression. About a week lale we will explain in detail what treatment we recommend, the equipment we will use, how long the treaiment will take and the estimated total cost.

Treatment Fees

General Realignment
Metal Blackets: 460,000 yen
Clear Blackets: 500,000 yen

This is for patients who wish to improve their "e-line'(esthetic line or profile) and the general alignmeni of their teeth. For patients who want their braces to be as unobtrusive as possible, lingual braces (attached to the back of the teeth)are available. There will be a 200,000 yen fee for each additional lingual breace, meaning 400,000 yen for a set of upper and lower lingual braces.

Monthly Adjustment Fee: 5,000 yen

You will need to come to the cilnic once a month for a check-up and/or adjustment of your brace. Any interim visits and/or necessary repairs in the event of your brace breaking are included in this fee.

Retainer Fee

Regular Retainer: 23,000 yen (per retainer)
Transparent Retainer: 33,000 yen (per retainer)

After your brace has been removed, you will need a removable retainer to keep your realigned teeth in place until they “settle”. If you have had braces on your upper and lower teeth, you will need twa retainers.

Retainer Check-ups: 3,000 yen (per check-up)

You will need to come in for a check-up 1 month after your braces are removed, then 2 months after that,then at intervals of 3 months until treatment is completed. There will be no additional fees beyond the eighth check-up.

Special "Young Persons" Rates

At Aspen we offer special reduced treatment rates for people aged 18 to 26.

1. Consultation Fee: 28,000 yen

2. Treatment Fee: 460,000 yen (payable in monthly installments)

3, Monthly Adjusiment Fee: 5,000 yen

lf you are aged 27 or over, yau still qualify for reduced rates. Your treatment fee will be 1O,000 yen more for every year older than the age limit you are. For example, if you are 32 you are 6 years older than the "Yaung Persans" age limit of 26, therefore your treatment fee will cost 460,000 yen + 60,000 yen = 520,000 yen.

※※ 46,000 yen for those older than 26.

payment Procedure

The consultation fee should be paid on the consultation day. Once treatment has started you can pay in monthly installments 28,000 yen up until the 20st month, after which the monthly payment will be 5,000 yen. Upon compleating treatment you will pay the retainer fee.


lf you pay your treatment fee in full at the beginning of treatment you will receive a 2,000 yen discount on your monthly adjustment fee.

lf you complete payment (in up to two installments) wihtin six months you will receive a 1,000 yen discount on your monthly adjustment fee.

lf during your treatment you introduce a friend or famfy member who subsequently undergoes treatment with us, you will be entitled to one free monthly adjustment.

lf you require clarification on any of the above payment options, do not hesitate to contact us.